Dal 01.10.09 al 30.09.12

PERSEE: PERceptual Scheme for 2D and 3D vidE(E)o coding

Our digital age has seen a large deployment of video coding standards. The latest standard H.264/AVC follows a classical coding model, on the other hand a new impulse to research is brought by the emergence of new formats beyond HDTV towards formats for immersive displays allowing panoramic viewing, interactive and 3DTV (omni-directional video, free viewpoint video and stereoscopic or multi-view video).

A quantum leap in subjective quality is required, before these formats can enable a truly immersive experience for the viewer. In this competitive context, the project aims first at advancing the knowledge in perceptual modeling, in video processing and coding, and in computer vision, and second, at developing a content-based and perceptually driven representation and coding paradigm for 2D and 3D visual content.

Project web site is here.

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