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Best paper award

Our article “Cockpit video coding with temporal prediction” byI. Mitrica (MM/IDS et Safran), A. Fiandrotti (MM/IDS), M. Cagnazzo (MM/IDS), C. Ruellan and E. Mercier, has received the Best Paper Award at the “European Workshop on Visual Information Processing” (Rome, Italy, 31/10/2019).

Congrats Iulia !

Best student paper award

Our paper “View-dependent compression of digital hologram based on matching pursuit”,  byA. El Rhammad, P. Gioia, A. Gilles, M. Cagnazzo, B. Pesquet-Popescu, published in SPIE Photonics Europe, vol. 10679 (Avril 2018, Strasbourg, France) has been awarded by the Best Student Paper Award. Congratulations to Anas !