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Open position: Associate professor in Immersive Video

Very soon we will open a position of Associate Professor (specialty: immersive video) in our team at Telecom-ParisTech. We are looking for brilliant PhD, preferably with 1y+ of post-doctoral experience. More experienced candidates are also welcome. The detailed call will follow soon.

Research domains: immersive video, video coding, video transmission, video quality.

Background: signal processing, networking, applied maths.

Potential candidate can contact me at

PhD Thesis: compression of avionics screen content

The airplane screens have a very specific video content, where text and graph are superposed to images or to a uniform background.

Compressing this kind of data requires adapted techniques, since the most important information (text, graph) is usually degraded by traditional, transform-based video compression techniques.

We want to investigate the use of classification, segmentation and inpainting to recognize the most relevant information and encode it with appropriate methods.

The PhD student will work at both Telecom-ParisTech and Zodiac Aerospace


Thèse : compression et streaming vidéo multivues

Three-years contract to achieve a PhD degree.
The topic is the problem of interactive streaming of multiview video.
Multiview video is composed of several video sequences, each corresponding to a different point of view. Interactive acces to this video requires switches from one view to another. This is problematic from the point of view of predictive coding: making prediction from one image to a second one belonging to another view is complex (all inter-view dependencies should be taken into account); independent coding is not effective. Possible solutions are based on distributed video coding.

Links: Paper on IMVS + DVC.

See also papers by G. Cheung.



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