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IEEE TIP Article

Our paper about rate control and allocation for HEVC (first author: N. Fiengo) has been accepted into IEEE Trans. on Image Processing. Congrats, Nello!

A. Fiengo, G. Chierchia, M. Cagnazzo, B. Pesquet-Popescu. “Rate Allocation in predictive video coding using a Convex Optimization Framework”. In IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol. 21, 2016.

Article on Network Coding for Multi-view Video

Our article about Network Coding for Multiview Video has been accepted in Springer  EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing.

The basic idea is to adapt the scheduler of a multi-view stream (H.264/MVC format) to user preferences, exploiting Network Coding to maximize the PSNR.

The article is in Open Acces on the journal web site and in the Publications/Journals section of this site.

Decoded sequences for our ICIP’15 submission

The decoded video sequences for our submission to ICIP’15 are available here. Each file is about 300MB.

Reference method Proposed method
Four People Four People
Johnny Johnny
Kirsten and Sarah Kirsten and Sarah

The use case is the following. The three HEVC class-E sequences (Four_People, Johnny, Kirsten_and_Sarah) have been encoded with the proposed method (our ICIP’15 submission) and the standard HEVC encoder (HM13). Then we simulated transmission on a lossy channel, using a Gilbert-Elliot model. Finally, we decoded the received packets, employing a simple error concealement technique. These videos show the superiority of the proposed scheme with respect to the reference.